live is the project of an “infinite” reading circle with the aim to read through all texts on Hegel’s Philosophy of Right bit by bit – and to understand them (better and better). That is, the Grundlinien themselves, the passages from the Encyclopedia (all versions) and the Mit-/Nachschriften etc.

Every Sunday, 4 to 5 p.m. CE(S)T we meet online for this purpose for one hour over Zoom. Preparation or follow-up is not expected, but is of course possible.

Feel free to join us! “Philosophy is the Sunday of life.” The address is Everyone is welcome – from complete beginners to experts. When we are through – we start with the next of Hegel’s texts pertaining to the Philosophy of Right, so joining is in principle possible at any time. So is leaving, of course.

We want to read the text “in depth” – i.e. slowly and clarifying as many of the Hegelian premises as possible. The goal is the most thorough understanding possible. Working language is German, but possibly selectively also English, depending on the situation. We muddle through.

The Chatham House Rule applies, unless otherwise agreed upon in individual cases. Registration is not necessary, but possible – at

It is good to be in a discussion circle about the Grundlinien of our living together – and the Hegelian text is its momentum.

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