G.W.F. Hegel – Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts

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    By resolution, will fixes itself as the will of a definite individual,and as thereby distinguishing itself from another. However apartfrom this finite character which it has as consciousness (§8), theimmediate will is in virtue of the distinction between its form and itscontent formal. Hence its resolution as such is abstract, and itscontent is not yet…


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    The system of this content, as it occurs directly in the will, existsonly as a multitude or multiplicity of impulses, every one of which ismine in a general way along with others, but is at the same timeuniversal and undetermined, having many objects and ways ofsatisfaction. The will, by giving itself in this two-fold indefinitenessthe…


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    The will, which is at first only implicitly free, is the direct ornatural will. The distinctive phases, which the self-determiningconception sets up in the will, appear in the direct will, as a directlypresent content. They are impulses, appetites, inclinations, by whichthe will finds itself determined by nature. Now this content, with allits attendant phases, proceeds…